Finding Gold

The negative energy created in your trauma is potential GOLD. Transmute negative energy with Life Alignment. Clear your heart of life’s unresolved difficulties and move forward into happiness, health and peace. Book a Life Alignment session today with Stephanie Jarrett.

In my work as a Life Alignment practitioner and in my life I notice something about people. . .  The most difficult life circumstances can create the most wonderful people . . . That is unless those people get stuck in their ‘stuff’ . . .  in which case . . .  there can be unfortunate and even disastrous outcomes.

Trauma in life, family conflict, poverty, neglect, illness . . .  all carry HUGE energy.

When I say ‘energy’ I mean the effect created by those ‘ghastly’ feelings you have from those experiences. You know the churning in the stomach, the confusion in the head, the tears, the panic, the numbness, the disgust, the desire to just run . . . You feel the ‘energy’ as emotion and if you are lucky that usually seems to pass with time.   And that energy can be strong.

But did you know that if that energy is not resolved satisfactorily, it will get buried in your actual physical cells – and re-emerge when triggered by other experiences in life?  It is like a ‘bell’ that ‘resonates’ with other circumstances. You will probably not see the links between the old experience and the circumstances that are triggering you to anxiety, illness, ‘stuckness’ or whatever.

The great thing is that this negative energy created in your trauma is potential GOLD. In time, some people are able to transmute the negativity to wisdom, compassion, even greatness. However this often takes a lifetime and sometimes never happens – as the energy may turn inwards and manifest as physical disease.

Alchemy is this transmutation of the negative to positive – from LEAD to GOLD (in the old stories).

LIFE ALIGNMENT gives us a process to systematically create this alchemy.

Step by step we find the buried negativity that is lowering your energy and keeping you in suffering. The practitioner helps you to tap in to the energy in the emotion you carry . . . then using the energy techniques, emotional processing and the magnetic vortex technology of Life Alignment, the practitioner guides you to transmute negative to positive. Your energy body is then stronger and you go back into your life with more resilience, more clarity and focus, more vision, more compassion and better emotional, mental and physical health. Your lead starts to become your GOLD

Why leave it to chance and time to become a wise old woman or man? Why wait till you chance upon the will to make yourself live your dreams?  Why push uphill all the time?

Book a Life Alignment session today to start clearing away your clutter so you can start creating ALCHEMY.