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About Me

I first found Life Alignment in 2011. After my very first session with a practitioner I was amazed at the changes it brought about in me. . . I had been given huge insights into my life, changed my perspective and outlook, and released significant emotional ‘rubbish’.

As weeks passed from the session I was amazed at the profound and lasting changes to the feeling in my body and my outlook on life.

Now, as a practitioner of Life Alignment, over several years I have worked with people of all ages, genders, belief systems and walks of life –  to clear the patterns of past experiences stuck in their energy field and keeping them from moving forward.

I have helped people through relationship crises, work nightmares, learning difficulties, family conflicts, emotional crises, issues of children and adolescents, preparation for optimal pregnancy, clearing of homes . . .  to name but a few.   And I have seen remarkable yet gentle transformations in those people.

My life has always been devoted to transforming confusion and disconnect to understanding and confidence.

In my long career as a teacher of English I have been inspired by thousands of my adult migrant students from all over the world who had the courage (through choice or misfortune) to leave their roots and rebuild their lives and forge a new identity in a new language. This stressful process is full of losses –  but from the difficulties, transformation can occur and those who are resilient can become strong and wise. Those who are less resilient or more traumatised often find it difficult to recover their wholeness.

Now I know that energy healing modalities can wipe a lot of trauma away.  Trauma – that scrambled energy field caused by emotional wounds.  Life Alignment has the tools to assist in such situations and bring back balance, wholeness and happiness.

My passion is to clear the stress from people’s hearts – whether it is presenting as an emotional situation or being sublimated into a physical manifestation.

To assist in the transmutation of dark to light, distress to hope and crisis to creativity is my work.

I feel extremely grateful for the tools of Life Alignment brought to the world by Jeff Levin, and for the opportunity to work with all the beautiful beings who come to my healing room.