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Life Coaching

Life Alignment adds a whole energetic (electro-magnetic) dimension to the field of life coaching. The use of the magnetic tools and processes enables your life to change instantaneously without mental struggle.  There are some specific tools and processes that work to release and transform aspects of your life:

The Life Map – is a process that examines and clears your specific blockages from a comprehensive set of life aspects. It is a really effective and enlightening way of working through the stuck patterns of your situation in a single session.

Life Purpose Process – what is it you want to achieve that is not happening for you? A Life Purpose process helps you identify what you want, brings out what it is you need to manifest and what is preventing manifestation. At each stage you clear the blockage that is holding you back.  You gain clarity and your path is illuminated before you.

Life Path Process – this is a deep and gradual comprehensive process that clears blockages from all the aspects of your life.

I combine Life Alignment with my knowledge and qualifications from NLP Life Coaching and my many years of teaching and coaching adults.

Clear your heart, free your life, live your light.