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What is Life Alignment

Life Alignment is an advanced energy transformation modality developed by Dr Jeff Levin that brings together modern science and ancient healing practices. Practised now in many countries, this very effective modality gives us a way of identifying and unlocking the blockages buried in our psyches and imprinted in our bodies – creating the roots of illness, pain, relationship problems, anxiety, depression and lack of flow in any area of life.

By connecting to your ‘bio-computer’ Life Alignment allows you to change patterns in the subtle realm (which is amazingly receptive to change) – the physical then responds to those subtle realm changes.

Life Alignment uses muscle testing and pendulum dowsing to ‘read’ your energetic imbalance. Then, through a series of specific processes the practitioner guides you to ‘defuse the charge’ in related life events, thus unblocking the energy body.  Specifically potentised magnetic vortex tools change your energetic frequency and move you forward rapidly in just the first session.  You get your ‘light’ back.

In a session the client generally lies on the massage table. The practitioner gently touches indicated body points and then activates a story connected to the imbalance.  Your body/mind brings up the story you are ready to release – the key to your healing in that moment – in a gentle and always appropriate way.  Emotions are transformed and energy shifts.

A Life Alignment session connects you to your true self and potential and is very powerful in many situations:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Family issues and children
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Physical dis-ease and pain
  • Career and work issues
  • Learning difficulties, brain issues
  • Inability to move forward, overwhelm, confusion
  • Stress, shock and trauma – nervous system overload
  • Ancestral and past life burdens
  • Out of alignment with your life purpose
  • Home alignment – specific processes can transform negative energy imprinted in a home

Life Alignment balancing can be done in person, by Skype, by phone, in a group, on the massage bed or sitting at a table – and is effective as long as you are receptive to shifting the old patterns that no longer serve you.

Economical packages available:
People can get great relief or clarity in one session of 90 -120 minutes. . .
However it is more realistic to expect solid transformation and life direction in a series of sessions.
A totally life changing package of 10 sessions within 7 months that can include a Life Purpose Alignment to articulate your dreams and clear the blockages that prevent them becoming manifest.
Single session $150
Gold package of 4 sessions $550 (3x$150 + 1x$100)  (3 months)
Diamond pack of 10 sessions $1300 (5x$150 + 5x$90) (7 months)

Clear emotional burdens,
Lighten your life,
Unwind stress to heal your body,
Unlock your potential,
Move on