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Ancestral Healing and Past Life Healing

Life Alignment can heal trauma you may have inherited from your ancestors or your own soul in a previous incarnation. The processes and magnetic tools can shift the stuck energy and clear your field of the effects of these other lives’ unresolved emotional distress.


We know from the field of Epigenetics that we inherit more than physical characteristics from our ancestors.  Stress experienced by our ancestors is passed down and influences how our genes behave.  Emotional processing in a Life Alignment session will often relate to an emotional experience not from your life but from the life of an ancestor – one often unknown to you.

It is as though grandfather’s unresolved trauma or tragedy calls to you energetically and locks your energy into the same emotional pattern, causing you to relive the emotion (or physical situation) in your own life until it can be resolved. When these stories come up in a Life Alignment balance they present to you as clear as day, throwing a bright light on the reasons for your unexplained emotional states.

It may be grandfather living through famine and hunger, the suicide of a post-natally depressed great-grandmother, the loss of all your children through disaster, the horror memory of what grandfather did or saw at war. You are able to acknowledge the trauma, forgive, work the story through and find a resolution – creating new neural pathways for yourself.
So when people do this work, decades or centuries of burdens can be released. ‘I didn’t expect that!’ they say, ‘but it explains so much of my life’.

And the wonderful thing is that if you release the ‘charge’ that came from grandma (pa) you are releasing it for your children and grandchildren too – and – strange but true – you also do it for grandma.

Past Lives

Life Alignment balances can clear the negative energy of a past life – if that is your priority. In the course of emotional processing we may be guided into a time long ago when you had a different body.  You are guided to experience and transform a story that has direct relevance to the issues you are facing in this life.

A majority of people on earth take for granted the notion of reincarnation – that our soul lives over and over, experiencing and learning till it becomes whole. We come into this life unconscious of past lives (usually) but we interact unconsciously with the ‘soup’ of soul experiences during our lives. It is as though pieces of memory bump up against us at different times to provide the resistance that births our growth.

If too much resistance has you stuck, then Life Alignment can release you.

Clear your heart, free your life, live your light.