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Emotional Issues

Anxiety, depression, phobia, despair, anger, emotional emergency . . .

People release a lot of psychic rubbish and attachments during a Life Alignment balance: this is the equivalent of tidying a messy house. How much better does that feel?

Are you ready to really clean up now?

Life Alignment works on aligning the subtle energy bodies. We have specific physical energetic techniques to put your energetic bodies back together again when they have become separated – as they do. When you feel ‘beside yourself’ it is likely that one or more of your physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body have moved out of alignment and need to be retrieved. A short simple process can bring you back together and to calmness from where we can start to work with your rational mind.

This is not only talking therapy. We use magnetic vortex tools (as required) in all Life Alignment balancing, to bring in or remove particular frequencies from your aura – and this changes the way you feel without obvious effort from you.

Life Alignment is a gentle and effective modality for making profound changes and clearing negativity from the psyche surprisingly quickly.

Clear your heart, free your life, live your light.