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Physical Ailments

When illness strikes in our body it is the physical manifestation of an imbalance of ‘energy’ – magnetic electrical frequencies that are the matrix of all material things.

Medicine and common sense tell us that stress causes illness.  There are many books that correlate physical ailments with emotional states.  Life Alignment looks at imbalance in particular energetic points in your body in relation to specific emotional/energetic memories that have become locked into it, restricting healthy energy flow. (‘A stitch in time saves nine’.)

When dealing with any physical issue it is extremely helpful to address emotional (soul) issues that come up to be dealt with at the time. What is the deeper message in the illness? Life Alignment not only helps you look at this but also has specific processes to energetically strengthen specific systems in your body.

Don’t leave this stone unturned if you are facing stubborn physical issues. You may be surprised at the changes that you can achieve easily.

(Note that Life Alignment does not diagnose disease. It strengthens your energetic system to support your physical body in its healing process.)

Clear your heart, free your life, live your light.