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Vortex Cards

Specially potentised magnetic tools, each with its own energy frequency and purpose, are integral to Life Alignment. This revolutionary technology is used in every Life Alignment session to transform and balance your energy field or that of your home. During a balance they have an immediate, powerful yet subtle effect – perhaps calming you down, or allowing you to connect to your true self, maybe allowing you access to memories that were hidden, or moving the energy of trauma out of your body.  In a session on the massage table you are lying on a mat that has many of the cards sewn into it and can be used in different modes to create a different effect – activating, calming or grounding.

Vortex cards are used:

In homes and workplace – to balance electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress, to balance negative energies in our homes and improve air quality. Many buildings have a ‘sick’ or imbalanced environment that causes the occupants to feel tired, weak, anxious or depressed.

For food and water – to energise and balance the effect of chemical additives, pesticides, insecticides, irradiation, genetic engineering and exposure to electromagnetic fields.

With phones, internet, wifi etc  – to balance the electromagnetic fields and other frequencies we receive via these channels.

For personal protection – from electromagnetic fields and radiation, geopathic stress, negative energies from people and thought forms.

For land and vegetation – to protect from environmental pollution, geopathic stress and the earth grid system, and to energize the vegetable and mineral kingdoms.

Personal healing – the cards have demonstrated remarkable ability to heal the body, relieve pain,  align our structure, balancing organs and body systems, chakras and the subtle energy fields.