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Relationship Rescue

Are you at a point in any relationship where you just don’t know how to go on? One thing is sure –  you can’t change the other.

The only way to move the situation is to change yourself – clear your own emotional debris and a lot of things can resolve.

Life Alignment is invaluable before or after separation when you need to reclaim yourself, or during conflicts of any kind when emotion is raw. . .


Imagine you have a bubble around you that contains ‘you’ – your values, your dreams, your purpose in this life.

Do you allow anything to damage your bubble?  What makes you say ‘no’ to unsuitable things entering your space?  What makes you say yes?  How do you maintain your energy field strong? Being human, keeping the integrity of our bubble is something we are tested to learn as we go through life.

One of the biggest pitfalls in relationships of all kinds is not having a healthy boundary around your space.  I find that people get so entangled with others in relationship that they lose the sense of who they are.   We take responsibility for others’ happiness at the expense of our own identity.  We violate both our own boundaries and the other person’s boundaries, allowing ourselves to be encroached upon – taken advantage of – abused, thus preventing the other from living responsibly.

A Life Alignment session enables you to find this breached boundary and bring to consciousness the experiences, beliefs and patterns that have set up the breach.  Life Alignment processes then rebuild your ‘bubble’, releasing detrimental patterns or beliefs and then rebuilding them with healthy energy.  Your protective aura is strong again, your identity affirmed.  Your heart is cleared and your light shines.

Clear your heart, free your life, live your light.