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Home Alignment

Buildings store memories – have you noticed?

We can sense a nice cosy atmosphere in a happy house or a sacred energy in a sacred building – just as we can sense conflict or sadness hanging around a house, or dark desperate energy in an old prison. Certain natural places can have a negative energy that can be noticed consciously by sensitive people – yet affect all of us unconsciously.

There are a host of energies that cause disturbance in the human energy field.  The earth’s magnetic grid and underground physical features can cause geopathic stress; historical conflicts or burial grounds hold negative energy; electromagnetic pollution ever increasing in our technological world of wifi and phone towers etc is immensely damaging to our field;  individual emotional disturbances and family conflicts are held within the walls of homes – stuck until removed.

Through the comprehensive system of Home Alignment we can identify where energy is stuck or disturbed in a home and clear and harmonise it. (The process is usually done remotely).  The Home Alignment processes work not only on the building but on the occupants whose emotion/energy is integral to that home (school or workplace).

We utilise vortex cards to transmute negative energy and build positive energy. We strengthen the home’s connection to cosmic source energy. We may advise changes to layout or colour or decor to improve the energy.

As a result of a home alignment, the home and its occupants will have improved health, a stronger purpose, enhanced harmony and relationships – and the value of the home will be enhanced.

Clear your heart, free your life, live your light.