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I first found Life Alignment in 2011. After my very first session with a practitioner I was amazed at the changes it brought about in me. . . I had been given huge insights into my life, changed my perspective and outlook, and released significant emotional ‘rubbish’. As weeks passed from the session I was amazed at the profound and lasting changes to the feeling in my body and my Find Out More

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Thinking and writing critically for good IELTS scores

In our writing class the other night I showed my students an IELTS essay I had written and I was pointing out certain features and structure of a good essay.  Government investment in the visual arts, the kind you commonly see in art galleries, is a waste of money. Governments must invest this money in … Continue reading “Thinking and writing critically for good IELTS scores”

Finding Gold

The negative energy created in your trauma is potential GOLD. Transmute negative energy with Life Alignment. Clear your heart of life’s unresolved difficulties and move forward into happiness, health and peace. Book a Life Alignment session today with Stephanie Jarrett.

Writing English essays for exams

Perhaps the most difficult part of an English exam is writing good ideas coherently in a short time. This requires a lot of practice.
Do not think that you can get from IELTS 5.5 to 7 by taking a class a week for the month before your next booked exam. That is a waste of your money.