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A Tale of Two Friends

In a middle class suburb of Adelaide, 15 years ago, two friends lived next door to each other. They were very much alike, these two women. Both were married to good husbands, both had 3 young school aged children, both worked as professionals, both seemed pretty well adjusted and both – as young mums are – were filled with hopes and dreams for the future.

At some point, one of the families moved house — and the ladies lost touch.

Recently, these two ladies bumped into each other in a shopping centre. They were still alike in many ways. Both were still pretty happily married. Both had three grown up children. Both were still working in professional jobs.

But there was a difference. One of the women was excited about the future of her new ventures – she was feeling really happy within herself now that the children had left home.

The other was fighting off depression and a sense of aimless loneliness now that her role as mother had changed dramatically.

What Made The Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives?

It wasn’t, in this case, any family history of depression; it wasn’t that the sad friend had had a severe trauma or tragedy; it wasn’t that the lifestyle of the happy one was any more or less outwardly ‘happy’ than the lifestyle of the other; it wasn’t physical genetic makeup. Both women have challenges in many areas of life.

The difference lies in how they view and manage the challenges that arise in life.

And that is why I am writing about Life Alignment. (www.life-alignment.com)
Life Alignment is a revolutionary modality that assists people to balance out negative energy, clear their heart and move forward to a place of peace and happiness.

A Modality Unlike Any Other

You see, Life Alignment is a unique way of dealing with stress and distress in your life. Through highly developed processes and technology it enables people to move past the old wounds that are stuck in the psyche — and even the physical cells. These are the unconscious blockages that make people feel sad, angry, desperate or unhinged. They stop people from learning the best lessons from the uphill challenges that seem to repeat.

Life Alignment has been developed by Jeff Levin, a South African/Israeli architect turned Doctor of Natural Medicine, who healed himself from serious intestinal problems. Jeff has transformed thousands of lives with Life Alignment. And he has taught Life Alignment to many hundreds of practitioners who have transformed the lives of many thousands of people all over the world.

What is the transformation of Life Alignment?

So what does it mean when I say ‘transformed’?

I mean that a client comes in with a problem in any area of life: an emotional problem, a career problem, a problem with children, a problem with health, a problem with relationships, a problem with luck – a problem that is making them crazy with negativity.

The Life Alignment Practitioner reads the person’s energy body through muscle testing and dowsing. They then shift and transform the body’s electrical energy through special Life Alignment Vortex Technology.

In the session, working with words, a story emerges from some time in life. It is a story that may be profound, or it may be quite light but symbolic of something deep — it is always the perfect story – never too heavy. That story is processed and cleared using talk and vortex technology — in a way unique to Life Alignment. It is like cleaning up long-term mess or clutter in your house.
Sometimes there is no story but the energy is processed using other methods.

Personal transformation occurs during the session – or the series of sessions – and the problem eases – – or goes away completely – – to be replaced with a feeling of well-being. A well-being that can then carry that person to happy, fulfilling new places and away from the dark place. What has happened is that new neural pathways have been opened up in their brain – and the negative ones closed down.

Now, that is a very brief rundown of a Life Alignment session, and it does not convey the profound significance of what can happen.

What results can happen?

  • I have seen my clients clear desperate depressive, suicidal energy (very quickly).
  • I have helped people through marriage separation and into new relationships – simply by clearing the stuck energy that would normally take years to shift.
  • I have seen troubled couples reunite.
  • I have assisted women to clear away the emotional debris of their lives in preparation for pregnancy – calming the nervous system to make the body a safe home for a new life.
  • I have helped people to manifest their visions for the future and set up successful business ventures.
  • I have seen people shift something like IBS or other physical symptoms through clearing a story or negative emotion from their energy field.
  • I have seen people fortify their energy field and boundaries to simply rise above bullies at work or school – standing in their own strength and clarifying the actions to take.
  • I have seen children heal significantly from learning disabilities.
  • I have seen really fast transformations and also slow, gradual blossoming of a person’s true self.
  • Sometimes I don’t see anything except a blissfully calm, relaxed client on my massage table after 90 minutes. They leave and I don’t see them again until perhaps I bump into them and they say “I haven’t been back because I haven’t had any more problems / I came off my anti-depressants/ I have a new job / partner . . .”

What Made the Difference Between the Happy Woman and the Sad one?

As it happens, our happy empty nester from the story above was a client of a Life Alignment practitioner in Adelaide. She had in fact had a number of emotional challenges in her life which could have overwhelmed her. However, at a time when she realised that events in life were making her spiral downwards, she took responsibility for her own feelings and her own happiness and starting working with a Life Alignment practitioner. She was fortunate to have found the Life Alignment practitioner — but very wise to have made Life Alignment a regular part of her life.

Life Alignment in South Australia

Life Alignment is growing in South Australia. If you have never had a Life Alignment session, you cannot imagine how beneficial it can be to you.

I cannot promise you that your life will change in one session (it could well do though) but I guarantee that you will receive great benefit from Life Alignment technology and processes if you persevere and allow it to transform your heart . . . your life.

This is why my motto is: “Clear your heart, Free your Life, Live your Light”

Life Alignment Practitioner

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