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“After seeing you to get help for myself and my daughter some wonderful things have happened. . . It is impossible to describe in words the emotional state we had been living in. What we did (in the session) has really shifted my daughter’s behaviour and immediately impacted on her and my life.. . . It seemed that we were both somehow freed from this continual distressed state that we that we had been living with. Suddenly. Just like that.
I can 100% say that our session together has made a huge shift and improved a devastating situation from disaster and a continual threat of loss of life – to hopeful . . .
Thank you soooooo much.”

By SS, Adelaide

“Thanks for the huge improvement in my life.”

By WS, Adelaide

“I found Life Alignment with Stephanie Jarrett to be a successful process in removing those old mind bound recordings from childhood and early adulthood that put down or questioned my worth, creativity and sense of purpose.”

By JN, Adelaide

“I had become very angry with myself and life and felt I was standing in front of a brick wall. I was carrying a heavy emotional weight due to past events. In my last session the suicide of a close ancestor whom I never knew came up, I was transported face to face with this person and was able to forgive her for what she had done. I let her go indeed. Since then I have had a feeling of lightness and emotional evenness – I feel great!
It is always surprising what comes up during LA sessions and I always feel that a lot of work has been done at a very deep level and the root of the issue has been dealt with. Life Alignment with Stephanie is my treatment of choice when I know I am out of balance, have low energy reserves or something unexplainable is happening.”

By NF, Adelaide

“From the time I met Stephanie I was extremely comfortable with her beautiful nurturing energy. . . The session was interactive, precise and peaceful. Each step was mind blowing for me, to uncover issues that I thought I had dealt with, then to have them resolve – and the feeling of the peace after each one! Stephanie worked on an emotional area of my life that was buried deep in my physical system, she brought it to the surface, worked with it, supported it and resolved it – no longer to be found. Yeah, I am one happy lady.”

By MP, Bali

“When Stephanie did a Home Alignment on my apartment she uncovered some dark vengeful energy that had been ‘left’ by my husband’s ex-wife in a wooden statue which my late husband had always kept in our dining room. I immediately removed that statue and replaced it with a lovely ceramic vase – which has made such a difference to the feel of my home, especially as we also worked on clearing the angry energy of this woman from my own energy field. I was really happy with my Home Alignment from Stephanie.”

By RG Basel, Switzerland