22 Brook St, Kidman Park, Adelaide SA 5025

Children and Adolescents

I am particularly interested in working with parents who are managing the often overwhelming day to day issues of parenting children and adolescents.

Children’s problems become parents’ problems – parents’ problems become children’s problems.

I have had particularly gratifying success in helping children and young people by working through a parent.  Issues from learning difficulties, emotional distress to behavioural issues in a child can ease up effortlessly after even one session of focused work with a parent who is very connected to the child, without the child needing to be in the session.  This is because energy (emotion) in families tends to be very entangled and children often take on their parents’ emotional energy.   (Note that before balancing I always seek the permission of the person receiving the balance).

Life Alignment is a very gentle modality for assisting young people with the often difficult transition to adulthood. I work with children and adolescents by proxy, in person, with a parent present or not as appropriate. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is very relevant in the health of children and adolescents – Life Alignment is a very good ‘stitch’ to rebalance and prevent a slide into more serious issues.

I hold an SA Government DCSI clearance for working with children and have 15 years’ experience teaching piano to children on an individual basis.

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